We're not going to lie. 

We're nerds. 

And you know what we love most? Reading your emails and comments. 

That's because you, our reader, are what gets us up every morning. You're the one we're thinking of when we have had gruelling 14 hour work days as corporate lawyers - and still want to crank out a new blog post to tell you guys about the latest exotic destination we've discovered or the travel products we've tried and tested. 

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 xx Amanda and Carmen 

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  1. I'm a blogger too and I can't help but fall in love with your blog! Gives me so much inspiration. Do you have instagram as well?

    1. Hi Dan, thanks for stopping by! We definitely do have Instagram (and Facebook...and Twitter...and Google+...and Pinterest....haha we may have gone slightly overboard) - our username on all the platforms is lslookbook. Hope to connect to you and your blog there!

      xx Amanda & Carmen